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Michael Goodchild, Owner, Fudge Fancies


We were initially introduced to Better through LEGI and were impressed with their initial ideas and enthusiasm about our product. After receiving funding through Business Link we proceeded to instruct Better in identity development and ecommerce website design and development. We found Better’s staff to be friendly, welcoming and down to earth.

Previous to instructing Better, we had no knowledge of the marketing/business world, but were immediately put at ease and this enabled us to comfortably express our ideas and vision for the progression of our company. We felt our ideas were taken on board and were developed on in a way we could not have achieved ourselves.

We were extremely impressed with the design element of the website and packaging. We felt the design really complimented our product and raised it to the ‘high end’ market we were aiming for.

What has probably most impressed us about Better is their genuine interest in the progression of our company, post involvement. We have received customers and met influential people through them. They regularly follow our progression on the networking sites and provide encouragement and suggestions, which we have greatly appreciated.

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