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Social Media, Social Marketing, & Social Strategy.

Social Media connects everyone and everyone wants to share their thoughts. Tell you their likes, their dislikes. Invite you into their lives even. But companies continue to miss the opportunity to engage and enrich their audience's experience of their brands. No-one likes to feel left out.

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Social Media Strategy, Platform Styling,
and Marketing Campaigns.

Stick on the kettle, pull up a chair, and hear what the global community is chatting about. We’ve built an award wining business due in no small part to our commitment to being an active contributor and partner within our social networks.

We know what it takes to build and deliver a social media strategy that is designed to grow your brand’s reach. To compete you need a strategy of social engagement.

Before starting, we have to be very clear on two things. Firstly, what do we want to talk to your audience about and secondly, what do we want to achieve for your brand? We’ll take time to listen to what people are saying about you. We’ll immerse ourself in your market. Ask questions. We’ll consider your customer’s world. What do they need? What are they looking for? How can we add greater value to their life? Then we’ll start to share some stuff.

Give your customers and networks something to interact with. Believe us, you’ll get back what you give, tenfold. This learning will lead to new levels of understanding, which you can feed directly into your brand, strategic decision making, product development and market testing.

Better can support you in developing an effective social media presence and developing a digital footprint to give tangible business benefits including: increasing customer base; build brand, product or profile awareness; reaching new channels of customers; increasing engagement with consumers; and establishing thought leadership.

We can help by supporting you with:

Social Media Consultancy & Training Workshops
Social Marketing Campaigns
Channel and Platform Development
Online Community Development
Web and Social Media Integration

If you’ve got a project you would like to discuss just give us a call on 01642 715396 or submit a project enquiry and we’ll call you right back.