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You could take your business to an agency who produces weak, insipid, bland work, but then again, you know Better.


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Never being content with the best. That’s Better.

About Us

Best is the enemy of better. To settle for ‘best’ is to say goodbye to productivity. Why push the boundaries of what’s possible if you think you’ve reached the top? Constantly striving to achieve more. That’s better.

We’re an award winning brand agency.

A team of highly skilled people in every specialism, brand thinking, design theory and practice, digital, communications who thrive on innovation and imagination.  At Better we cover all the really clever stuff that makes brands tick from BetterBrandBuilder™, our tried and tested brand development process, through to creative design, marketing, web, and social media.

BetterBrandBuilder - Building your brand from the inside out

BetterBrandBuilder – Building your brand from the inside out

The thing is, we think that whole “best” thing is a little lame.

If you’ve reached the “best”, that means there’s no room for “better”. And we think there’s always room for better. Better means constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Better means aiming for the sky, and reaching it too. Better is just so much better – it’s pretty obvious when you think about it. 

We’re a creative bunch and we’ve got some pretty big ideas, so if we settled for “best” or said, “hey, that’ll do”, we think we might burst. Now that just wouldn’t be cool. 

Let’s take a small moment to imagine a world where there was no “better”. People might still be driving around in 4-gear cars, they might not have Google or Big Macs… or Apple Macs for that matter. People might still be walking around with ghetto blasters on their shoulders instead of using MP3s – actually that sounds pretty cool, but the point is, people would be stuck. 

So, that’s pretty much our philosophy on life. Strive for better, be better, do better. It’s what makes our work so darn good.

Have a look at our Case Studies, give us a call to chat, or watch the video below to see us in action on a recent brand development case study.