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Performance Engineered Solutions – Mike Maddock, Managing Director


Due to the skills of our team and the nature of our business, providing solutions to our clients across a wide and diverse number of sectors, we found it very difficult to get this message out to the market through our web site.

Having been introduced to the MD of the Better Brand Agency, Mark Easby, on a course and also having received a number of recommendations we turned to the Better team to develop a suitable platform for us to promote our business and also maximise SEO.

We visited Better and carried out a thorough briefing session were their team asked us questions about our business, strategy and core markets. From this meeting they assigned us with an account manager and started scoping out a number of designs and options.

We were lead through the whole process and the team spent time ensuring that the site shaped up tour requirements, however they challenged us when they felt we were not maximising the opportunities of the site. The end result has been the development of a comprehensive site that is an excellent portal to our business.

The site will continue to grow and the Better team have designed our site to ensure it has capacity to grow with our business.

Since the site has gone live our SEO has maximized some of our key services and within 3 days of the launch we received our first enquiry to quote and we have now secured a number of new clients and the site has already paid for itself in the revenue it has generated.

The measure of this is that our previous website was in place for over two years and we received zero enquires or calls from the site during that period. We are still working very closely with the team and the after service support is excellent.

I would recommend the Better team to any business who want to maximise their business opportunities and reach out to a great market.

Mike Maddock
Managing Director
Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd

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