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How to get your website (genuinely) noticed, liked and shared


Your website is sitting amongst a literally infinite amount of ever-evolving data: pictures, articles, webinars, e-stores, blogs, news, videos (of cats), social networks, directories. Sites dedicated to weddings, socks, weight loss, sport, hair, business, marketing, education, some guy that looks like a thumb. It is, quite frankly, terrifying.

So how do we get people to notice us, to like us? How do we get them to spend time with us without doing everything short of screaming “like, me like me!” in their poor, unsuspecting faces?

I want to take a look at how a website can attract visitors.

How it can become hot totty of the digital world; a gorgeous, interesting, intelligent magnet that defies cynics and is irresistible in the truest sense of the word (a George Clooney of the Internet, you might say). This, my friend, is how we attract the toughest crowd on the planet: the faceless, fearless mass that we know merely as … Browsers *shudder*

1. Provide the people with what they want

Firstly, we must establish ourselves as interesting. A hard task when face to face with someone, an even harder one in a world where our audience doesn’t have to feign interest with patronising nods and “mm hmmms”. Make yourself the source of office procrastination; a provider to the people, the lunch-break browsers, the smart phone addicts. Basically, blog your socks off with cool stuff. Be wise, be relevant, be witty, be inspirational, be a teacher. Let’s get our potential leads in the inbound marketing funnel by being nice, not needy. 

2. Be a social (network) butterfly

Inbound marketing advice from Better: SEO tips, blogging tips, digital marketing advice to generate lead conversion

Now there’s definitely something oxymoronic about the prospect of becoming a social butterfly by sitting on your computer for hours, but this is the 21st century and, let’s face it, human interaction is a dying trend. I joke. But seriously, let’s talk about how we can give our company or organisation a real personality for real people to have real interaction with (in the virtual world). Social media is, literally, for everyone in some way or another. You might think that your audience isn’t on Twitter.

It’s all a way of letting people know you’re live and kicking.

You might think they’re too old, or too young, or too boring. You might be right. But I’d be willing to put money on the fact that someone in their network (real life, not digital – see what I did there) is on social media. People talk (or tweet) a LOT, especially about stuff they like and dislike, about products and services that they’re obsessed with or cannot stand. So join the masses, already; create a real and relevant online personality for your company or organisation. Talk to people, inform them, post pictures, reply to customer enquiries, heck, reply to customer complaints.

3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO, SEO, SEO. It’s like trying to turn that teeny tiny needle in a haystack into a giant glaring disco ball. If you’re getting found in Google results you are, and don’t laugh at this, pretty much living the dream. SEO should be on everyone’s radar because, in a nutshell, it lands a website right into the laps of the people that are directly looking for it. Put some real time and effort into discovering which keywords you want to be found for, then design and implement a structured SEO plan for your site. Read our article on basic SEO rules to get started. Trust us, your site depends on it. 

Of course, as with all things web and digital, we’re fully aware that this kind of stuff can be quite daunting for those that aren’t quite steady on their feet in the online world yet. That’s why we strive to deliver inbound marketing solutions that people really understand. For us, it’s all about doing the things that actually work, and showing our clients why they’re working every step of the way. 

Just remember, in attracting people to your website it’s all about being genuine and relevant. By creating engaging content and promoting it effectively via social media and SEO, you’ll be at thumb-man or cat-video status before you can say “like me”.

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