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Why bother with marketing?


We’re a marketing agency.  We speak to clients every day about marketing.  We think, eat and sleep marketing.  Yet one of the most common conversations we have with clients (and we think it’s a very important one) is ‘why bother with marketing?’


You see, we are believers in acting with intent; in ensuring that everything a business does (and spends money on) is done for a reason.  We like marketing to have a clearly defined and strategic role in a business.  We like it to work in tandem with a business’s sales plan and sales team, to make their lives easier if possible.  If it doesn’t do that, or it can’t, then it shouldn’t be done at all.  

Let’s take a brand we all know, and I’m going large here: Procter & Gamble.  The P&G “Mom’s” campaign isn’t just a feel-good exercise, or a chance to get some free tickets to the Olympics.  There is serious strategic thought behind a plan to link those strong and positive parental emotions to a brand which is ubiquitous in UK households.  It’s kind of like saying “if you love your kids, then the least you can do is buy them P&G brands”.  And we fall for it, hook line and sinker:

Procter & Gamble are trying to forge a strong emotional bond between the potential purchaser and the brand. And hopefully this bond will be strong enough to stop the shopper from even looking at another product on the shopping fixture.   It might just make a 5 pence price premium tolerable, or the lack of a buy one get one free, or maybe the fact that the P&G pack is slightly smaller than the others – “you’re buying love here, why quibble about the price”.

So that’s their plan with all of their millions of pounds of marketing spend, but how does it apply to you?

Well if marketing could oil the wheels of the sales process for your brand would that be a good thing?  Would it help if potential customers had already heard of your business and knew what it stood for?  Would it help if they already had the impression that you are a class act, that you are well respected and seriously know what you are doing?  How would it be if potential customers actually approached you to ask for more detail regarding your products and services?  It’s all doable.  And we’re good at doing it.  

The first step for us is to understand what you want to achieve for your business.  We take time to understand where you are and where you are going.  We then draw on our extensive experience and knowledge to build a plan designed to deliver it.  We’ll tell you more about this is an upcoming blog.  But in the meantime, if hearing it from us isn’t enough, how about hearing from one of our clients.

“Better was able to develop a mutual understanding of where we are looking to position the brand.  The end result was a clearly defined brand concept that fitted with the vision, mission and structure of the business.  Working with you guys is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a firm.”


Building brands people believe in.  That’s Better.

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