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Adam Gatenby

GrowthFunders New Website Goes Live

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After working away over the last few months, we are proud to announce that the new website we redesigned and developed for longstanding client, GrowthFunders has gone live!

We’ve been working alongside the GrowthFunders team for a number of years now, supporting the business with the design and development of their constantly evolving website, including crowdfunding investment platform development and inbound marketing support.

GrowthFunders - New Website and Crowdunding Platform including and Responsive Theme Development

GrowthFunders – New Website and Crowdfunding Platform including and Responsive Theme Development

From their very first website, and as the industry and technology has evolved, the company and brand has changed pretty dramatically. This meant that they had brand new requirements and opportunities to develop, improve and deliver through their digital offering. Of course, as always, we were happy to help!

The Project Brief  – New UX, Responsive Theme and Enhanced Functionality.

Based on ongoing analytics, market changes and user/member feedback the entire interface and UX design for the GrowthFunders platform needed to evolve. We, along with the GrowthFunders team, focussed on a number of things which encompassed a completely new design interface and simplification of the current navigation system. Focussing on key content areas to support their company messaging, we rejuvenated the ‘Invest’, ‘Raise’ and ‘Partner’ sections to ensure they were a lot more clean looking and simple to use.

GrowthFunders: Responsive Theme Development

GrowthFunders: Responsive Theme Development

As part of the redesign project, the new improved sections have now become key landing pages which will help support their digital marketing strategy when it comes to providing a lot more focused, visual and compelling content targeted towards each of their key audience groups.

These targeted content areas intend to provide improved information, direct call-to-actions and supporting relevant content such as case studies, featured pitches, and resources such as eBooks and digestible downloads. All of these new and updated features combined supports their reimagined brand proposition and positioning.

The website also includes a few new features such as the debt based funding option, a Peer-to-Peer lending offer and also a new resource page, which never existed before.

Getting More Responsive.

One of the main requirements for the evolution of the website was the need for it to be responsive. With a fundamental demand for mobile-friendly content, GrowthFunders realised that they had to move forward with the times. So, not only did we improve the design and usability of the platform, but we have also implemented a responsive theme across the website to dramatically improve the experience for their mobile and tablet users.

GrowthFunders: Responsive Theme Development

GrowthFunders: Responsive Theme Development

COO of GrowthFunders, Craig Peterson is extremely happy with the results that we achieved with the new look of the site, saying: “Thank you for all your great work, guys. The new website design is not only very powerful but it also provides us with the perfect foundation for our development plans.

“The platform’s new marketing and investment management functionality, including the bespoke investment admin system and market leading tools, will be perfect to help our ongoing communication with our growing entrepreneur, investor and partner community.”

GrowthFunders - New Resource hub  linking to HubSpot Landing Pages and Lead Generation.

GrowthFunders – New Resource hub linking to HubSpot Landing Pages and Lead Generation.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements we have made with this project. Our team have worked extremely hard to get the website up and running from concept to end result and we believe that it looks far better than ever imagined. Go dev team!

Our MD, Mark Easby, backs that up saying “We’re proud to have been working in partnership with the GrowthFunders team over the past few years supporting the business’ growth in the exciting Fintech sector.

“This is the latest in a series of ongoing projects with them that have allowed us to flex our design, development and online marketing muscles to embrace the latest trends, techniques and tools for such an innovative and unique client.”

To see this project in full force, take a look at our GrowthFunders case study and be sure to let us know what you think.

If you have a web project in mind and would like to chat to us about doing the same for you, do drop us a note on studio@betterbrandagency.com or call us on 01642 989158.

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