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Mark Easby

BetterBrandBuilder: DELIVER

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You may have already read our first two blogs in our BetterBrandBuilder series that cover the first two phases of our branding process. Now it’s time to cover the DELIVER stage, which comes directly after DISCOVER and CREATE.

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As mentioned, the final component in the whole BetterBrandBuilder process is the delivery of all of our findings. DELIVER is the collection of our investigation into your business, which is supported by a clearly defined identity and brand world from the CREATE phase which can then be executed across all of your marketing channels.

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BetterBrandBuilder: DELIVER – Marketing Materials & Brand Toolkit.

What we try to make clear to clients is, you can construct the most perfect brand in the universe, however, if you don’t have an audience then it’s a completely wasted asset. So, in a similar vain to the way that we approached our perfected DISCOVER phase of the trusted BetterBrandBuilder with no preconceived assumptions, DELIVER is also tackled with a similar blank slate.

Although digital marketing continues to grow in stature when it comes to overall media spend, we should never lose sight of both print and ambient, especially if they are relevant to your brand.

Opentree marketing materials

BetterBrandBuilder: DELIVER – Marketing Materials & Brand Toolkit.

As you’re most probably aware, digital platforms are pretty much revolutionising the way that we converse with people, including our customers. However, just because it is the latest trend, it does not mean that it is relevant to everyone. This is why it is so important to have a broad and intimate understanding of all marketing channels, which will allow us to make sure that your brand spanking new brand presence reaches as wide, and importantly pertinent an audience as we can.

Ensuring that we can get your brand as much eye traffic as possible is only one part of DELIVER. We will also make sure that those eyes that are seeing your brand are connected to engaged and happy customers, who in turn will become lifelong advocates of your brand. This is the ultimate goal of BetterBrandBuilder.

Opentree marketing materials

BetterBrandBuilder: DELIVER – Marketing Materials & Brand Toolkit.

For more information on BetterBrandBuilder, as well as our other services, feel free to drop us a line on studio@betterbrandagency.com or call us on 01642 989158.

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