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From Rome to Berlin to Middlesbrough; the Journey of a Studio Intern

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We’re delighted to welcome our latest addition to the team, Studio Intern, Francesco! His story is an unfamiliar one, taking us through rural southern Italy to Rome, Berlin and finally the North East. In our latest post, he tells us his journey which includes working for the Vatican and interning as a PR & Social Media Manager in Germany’s capital; there can’t be many in the North East with a similar career path! Over to Francesco to tell his story.

Let’s start at the beginning

My journey started six years ago in a small village in the south of Italy, with the dream to explore the big wide world. For my 18th birthday, my mum organised a party to celebrate this important milestone and baked a cake with a map of the world on it. Before taking a classic birthday picture, she told me: “Adventure is out there. Now you are free to fly away and explore.”

After this special moment, these beautiful words were engraved on my heart and mind, guiding me to change my life for the better. I always felt that my place was not in my small village, but somewhere around the world, meeting new people, speaking different languages and learning as much as possible through their stories and points of view.

My biggest dream has always been to become a storyteller and work in the marketing industry. In order to follow my dreams, I felt that I needed to destroy my bubble and finally become part of the world. Making a wish and blowing out the candles made me feel like Harry Potter before he met Hagrid for the first time. Just like the magic which led Harry to Hogwarts, two months after my 18th birthday, I was living my first experience abroad in a French school in Nice. My dream was coming true.

When in Rome

Leaving my village to start a new life in a chaotic, busy and loud metropolis was definitely a shock. During my three years in Rome, I completed my Bachelors in Communication, Technologies and Digital Cultures. I even found my place in Heaven working as a freelance journalist for the Vatican and been part of a government project at the Catholic care home, Centro Don Orione.

Helping people with special needs changed my life, teaching me the real meaning of charity, solidarity and fraternity. This experience gave me the chance to improve my skills in different fields, but also to discover the spirit of Don Orione, a priest who fought both nationally and internationally at the beginning of the twentieth century for the rights of the poor and excluded. His slogan was “Charity will save the world”, and his belief was that the best way to do this is through education. After my time in Rome, I arrived at a personal conclusion: education is the future and it is important to invest time in educational projects in order to achieve equal opportunities for all.

Ich bin ein Berliner

After I graduated, I moved to Berlin. At the beginning, speaking German was really weird, but working alongside German colleagues helped me to realise that speaking a different language helps you develop a new personality and to see beyond the end of your nose.

While I was in Berlin, I had the opportunity to complete an internship as a PR & Social Media Manager at a marketing agency. I was really proud of myself. Despite struggling with moving abroad for the first time, I was still able to improve my skills in public relations and social media marketing whilst learning about German culture and how to be truly independent.

Up the Boro!

Crazy or brave, I’m not quite sure, but with the help of some friends, I decided to move to the North East of England. I have always considered myself to be a precise combination of 30% Ulysses by Homer, 60% Alice from Wonderland topped off with 10% Mad Hatter, making England the perfect choice for the “unbirthday” tea time rituals. Of course, the food is very different from Italy and the weather is always “muggy” , but I still feel like the luckiest man on Earth. If God really exists, I just say: “Thanks!” To be able to offer my skills and time in Teesside is a big honour.

Globalisation allows people to travel for so many reasons: studying, visiting or in my case working and exploring. Life is a long journey, where what you feel is more important than the destination. Living this amazing experience has pushed me outside my comfort zone and taught me to accept who I am.

A cuppa makes everything Better

When you start a journey, there are three things to remember in order to reach your destination: enthusiasm, passion and “fancy a cuppa?” Better is definitely teaching me what really matters in an English environment—tea with scones, muffins and a good laugh, all in order to feed creativity and get outstanding results for clients.

When I typed “marketing agency in Middlesbrough” into Google and discovered Better was hiring a new Studio Administrator, I didn’t hesitate to apply. Working alongside Charlotte, Paul and the team, I am improving my skills in customer services and project management every day, as well as learning how important it is to plan, schedule and write clear reports. As a Studio Administrator, I am no longer the Mad Hatter who travelled through Wonderland. Now, I am more the White Rabbit, who is helping with budgets and times in order to help manage different projects for the Queen of Hearts. Most importantly, I am learning that anything is possible with respect and cooperation.

For me, Better is not simply an award winning brand agency. Better is the paradise for creative minds which offers the opportunity to explore infinite horizons. If it is true that “Charity will save the world”, I am pretty sure that this agency is on the right direction to change the world for the better, because experts consistently invest their time and passion into every project. What more can I ask for?

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