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Our Team

Without this team we'd never be where we are. They make working with Better something our clients tell us is rewarding and valuable.
Mark Easby - Managing Director

Name: Mark Easby

Position: Managing Director

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Mark is a business winning, tea drinking, innovation seeking genius. He’s the Better boss, the motivator, the enthusiast that pushes our services to new and outstanding levels. If it ain’t ahead of the game, it ain’t good enough. Oh, and he enjoys ‘Fish and Chip Fridays’ almost as much as the projects he works on.

Paul Bell - Client Services Director - Better Brand Agency

Name: Paul Bell

Position: Client Services Director

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What can we say, Paul’s one of a kind. He’s the man that doesn’t sleep, delivering the kind of service to clients that most people could only dream of. Paul makes sure that clients’ brand messaging is heard loud and clear by their audience, no messing about. We rely on him as much as he relies on a proper Yorkshire brew.


Adam Gatenby - Digital Director - Better Brand Agency

Name: Adam Gatenby

Position: Digital Director

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A digital whizz with a creative mind is a rare thing to find. Adam makes our unique service possible with extensive knowledge in digital technology. He’s the guy that knows everything, and he’s literally re-designing the digital tools we use on a daily basis to make them bigger, better, stronger. If he’s not running marathons he’s saving the (digital) world.

John Taylor - Creative Director - Better Brand Agency

Name: John Taylor

Position: Creative Director

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John brings real value to our team, with a wealth of over 15 years experience working with high profile brands in the advertising and branding world. Working his creative magic for many London agencies including POKE, Mother, Saatchi & Saatchi and Mullen Lowe, he knows exactly what works. A film buff and the man behind ‘Film the Blanks’, he’s used to pushing boundaries in design every single day. Oh, he’s also won awards from CIPR and BIMA.

Shaun Hogg - Head of Digital Marketing - Better Brand Agency

Name: Shaun Hogg

Position: Head of Digital Marketing

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Shaun is a fantastic leader and an absolute mega-mind when it comes to digital marketing. Helping to develop our digital offering, while providing strategic campaigns to deliver a high return on investment for our clients, he is the font of all knowledge. Previously owning his own digital agency, Stripe4, and with a Tees Valley Business Award under his belt, his skill set fits beautifully into Better.


Charlotte Linton - Client Services Manager - Better Brand Agency

Name: Charlotte Linton

Position: Client Services Executive

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Charlotte is a super clever, super sweet, inexplicably organised member of the family and we couldn’t function without her. As part of the Client Services team, she ensures the happiness of every client, every minute of every day. She loves all things pretty, and just never stops smiling! Wonderful.






Andy Jones - Studio Manager - Better Brand Agency

Name: Andy Jones

Position: Studio Manager

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With over 15 years of creative and strategic experience for some of the world’s biggest brands, Andy’s the wise owl and experienced head of our studio team. He keeps us in check and our mouth’s refreshed, and while he’s not making sure our schedules run like clockwork, he can be found exploring the Lakes, running half marathons and taking on the great outdoors.


Josh Middleditch - Lead Designer - Better Brand Agency

Name: Josh Middleditch

Position: Lead Designer

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Josh brings a creative edge to the team, not to mention a serious amount of cool. It’s mostly to do with his diverse and award winning portfolio, but there’s also something to be said of his impeccable taste in music. From brand building to identity design, we’re always desperate to see what Josh’s next big idea is going to be. Watch this space.

Steven Roberts - Lead Front End Developer - Better Brand Agency

Name: Steven Roberts

Position: Lead Front End Developer

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Steven is a hugely talented guy who makes up part of the digital team, delivering top class websites to a range of clients. Ensuring that the websites that we design and develop look good and are fully functional, Steven really enjoys exploring new ideas to create something a little different. As well as being spectacularly great at web design, he also enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time, and loves gaming!

Sian Arthur - Digital Marketing Exec - Better Brand Agency

Name: Sian Arthur

Position: Digital Marketing Executive

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Sian has a passion for writing, but she loves the techy stuff too. With a journalism background and unique creative flair, as well as strong digital marketing skills, she supports both online and offline campaigns with anything from creative copy to inbound marketing. For Sian it’s all about exploring the digital world and pushing its boundaries. It’s about cool words, social media, tech stuff, and big ideas.

James Bolton - Junior Digital Marketing Exec - Better Brand Agency

Name: James Bolton

Position: Junior Digital Marketing Exec

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With an NCTJ diploma to his name and extensive experience working in retail content marketing and eCommerce management for an independent fashion company, James fits perfectly into our Digital Marketing team. With a keen interest in music, football and all things Teesside, his eclectic flair and passion, fused with the latest digital trends, help to create engaging content for a range of clients.

Nathan Cockerill - Junior Web Developer - Better Brand Agency

Name: Nathan Cockerill

Position: Junior Web Developer

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Nathan is a super enthusiastic individual that lives and breathes digital. With a multitude of experience within the IT industry working with local councils and schools, he is a very knowledgable young man with a bucket load of aspiration and passion. As junior web developer he currently works on some of our key client accounts, whilst also learning from the rest of the digital team, building and perfecting his skills.

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