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Your brand sits right at the heart of your business and is inherently linked to business growth. It should inform every single action your business takes, from the inside out. 

Often we meet clients that are so busy building a business that their brand gets left behind. Events like new ownership, new leadership and new directions create opportunity for companies to reposition, revitalise or simply clarify their brand. Even without major changes at the top, companies, much like people, can change over time. They can outgrow their existing brand, change their purpose, or just feel the need for their company to move with the times and need a toolkit that reflects their evolving business and therefore require a stronger brand framework to support further growth.

BetterBrandBuilder™ is an engaging and inclusive process designed specifically for growing businesses who want a brand that can support their ambitions. Our tried and tested three stage process defines your empowering vision and mission, captures your authentic values, identifies your unique and defendable point of difference and builds clear key messages around a proposition that you can own. This powerful new brand story informs your brand character and feeds the creation of your identity, unique creative style and supporting brand toolkit.

Business intelligence informing design excellence. That’s Better.


Lifting the bonnet on your business, both internally and externally, to discover and challenge your ‘who, what, why’. Our inclusive process involving engaging leadership workshops, stakeholder interviews, desk research, competitor analysis, and brand touch point review captures all the insight we need to inform your brand development. The outcome is a strategic DISCOVER Report full of valuable findings, insightful interview answers and recommendations for your brands new proposition and positioning.


Creating your authentic new brand from the inside out based on the insight from DISCOVER. We build your new brand story including point of difference, brand vision, values, archetype, strap line and supporting key messages. The story then defines the brief for the design of your new brand identity and supporting visual brand world with associated type, colour, and image style. The output of this stage is a unique, compelling and consistent brand, both verbally and visually.


The final component of the process is the nitty gritty of delivery. Informed by the brand audit during the DISCOVER stage, and inspired by your new identity and visual brand world from CREATE, we bring your new brand to life across the most impactful communication channels. Focusing on both online and offline, from brochures and sales materials through to web development and digital marketing, we build a launch plan to drive maximum ROI from your brand investment.

BetterBrandBuilder™ DISCOVER - Casper Shipping DISCOVER Report
BetterBrandBuilder™ CREATE - Baltic Training Workshop
BetterBrandBuilder™ CREATE - Harlands Brand Identity Design
BetterBrandBuilder™ DELIVER - PD Ports Brand Guidelines

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We don’t usually like to make a song and dance about something, but here’s a small collection of some of our work worth blowing our trumpet for.

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We believe branding is not just about cosmetics and marketing, branding should be a key part of your business strategy. From recruitment and culture through to sales and marketing, your brand impacts both internally on your team and externally on your clients and customers.

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